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Please click on the button below to check out my GoFundMe page. I am now without insurance and struggling to continue getting the treatments needed to continue this fight.

Hope is the belief that a positive outcome lies ahead. There have been moments since my diagnosis where I found it difficult to feel hopeful. Thankfully those moments have been few and far between.

Sharing some things that helped renew my hope when I felt it slipping away.

I am a survivor. This is my journey.

Running Strong

By: Pam Robbins


On October 7, 2017, I will participate in 

Paint Gwinnett Pink!

I will be joining others who will be running or walking with one common goal-to show their support by raising money for and bringing awareness to those affected by breast cancer.

You can learn more, donate, or join my team by clicking on the button.


I am a breast cancer survivor. People disagree on when one is considered a "survivor." I considered myself a survivor on the day of my diagnosis (October 3, 2016) when my doctor asked if I was ready to fight. Of course I was ready to fight-I had no choice in the matter!

I won't lie-it's been difficult at times, but I AM A SURVIVOR!